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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Busy Little Life: Writing Update

Ugh. Ugh. So tired. Have been socialising way too much. Sometimes I like to just sit quietly and stare at a wall in order to rest after all the socialising. So many friends. It’s not easy, you know…
Anyway, I’m having a great summer! I was in a beastly mood for several months due to exams and other stresses—mainly the other—and now I can finally relax! So what have I been up to?

I’ll let you know writing-wise today and I’ll tell you about the rest of my life in another post because there’s an awful lot to say… you’ve been warned!

Well, I’m back blogging fairly prolifically as you can see. I absolutely love being able to devote more time to this site. Progress includes getting enough views to qualify for monetizing the site, even if only for a pittance, as I mentioned on my facebook page.

I’ve written up a few new recipes, one of which was a vegetarian quiche which uses Gortnamona Goat’s Cheese from Cooleeney Farm. They asked me if they could feature the recipe in their August newsletter, so obviously I said yes! I’ll let you all know when that comes out—albeit in a newsletter devoted to cheese, published is published!

I’m also working with Wolf on some zines, which is something we’ve been interested in for a while now and have finally got started. We’re really excited about it. Generally, I do the words and she does the pictures because she’s an incredibly talented artist. It’s so much fun to work with my best friend! So far we have plans for a zine about Scoliosis, informing sufferers and their families of what to expect and what their options are—I’m hoping to get an expert to check over this soon. There’s also a zine about happiness, and one including stories of various people. I’m also thinking of compiling some of my more popular blog posts into a zine, but can’t figure out if this is a lovely or lazy idea! Thoughts? Would love to know what your favourite posts have been in the past fifteen months!

These zines are all in the early development stages, so I’ll keep you informed about them!

I continue to work on my new website which I have so many ideas for. There are a lot of decisions to make as I want to go into it in a much more organised way than I did with Unlucky For Some. I can’t wait to show you guys the finished product and begin blogging in my new home!

I’ve written a follow-up article to the one I wrote for last year. It’s from a slightly different perspective and you’ll either be able to read it on their website or mine. Again, I’ll let you know.
I’m working on a top-secret project about the Leaving Cert too. I’m keeping it mostly to myself right now, but if you’re a past/present/future LC student, do get in touch so I can pick your brains!

I've also gone in for Blog Awards Ireland in the youth blog category. If you'd like to nominate me too, for that or any other category, just click the button in the top right of the screen. Fingers crossed for me! 

In addition, I’ve started fiction again and forgot how much I love it. I’ve missed all my imaginary people! I’m trying to work on one thing at a time right now, taking things very slowly and enjoying my favourite pastime immensely. 

I'll let you know what else I've been up to in my next post.

If you're a writer, is there anything you're working on right now? 

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