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Monday, 16 June 2014

What's In My Bag???

I thought this might be a fun post to celebrate the start of the summer holidays—I’m drafting it out in my garden as it’s such a gorgeous day! I realise most girls my age do this “tag” because they’re beauty bloggers/bloggers and what to tell people which products or accessories they use regularly.
Unfortunately, I know next to nothing about beauty products so instead thought it might be fun to do a brutally honest post about what’s really in the bag I haven’t cleaned out in… ever. Here goes!

The bag I use most often is this roomy yellow leather one with a green suede lining. I can’t even take credit for choosing it or tell you where it’s from as it was a gift! I’ve had it nearly two years now and it’s been well loved as you can probably see. I should really give it a bit of TLC in the near future!

So the first thing is this notebook I got early this year. It’s now being used to note down ideas for my latest project (yes, there’s always a project) so it’s going everywhere with me!

…he’s not actually in my bag, he’s just being nosy. 

This green leather purse came with the bag and I use it as much as I can since it's small enough to go anywhere--however I often carry my main purse which actually fits all my cards and change! 

This came attached as well and is for secret emergency supplies. 

Vouchers for swimming lessons I never used as I can already swim, and didn't happen to have €99 knocking around. 

A ticket to a play. 

These are the only "beauty" related items in my handbag right now: there's an emery board, a pot of rose Vaseline, a Nivea chapstick and some Elizabeth Arden lipgloss (I apply all my other makeup in the morning and then as far as I'm concerned it's done for the day--you can take me or leave me). 

There's also a nearly empty pot of Clinique "moisture surge extra-thirsty skin relief" which I've had for absolute ages and am in love with. It's a moisturiser halfway between a cream and a gel. It always cools down my skin, as well as keeping it soft and moist. I feel all hot and yucky if I get too tired so this is ideal for waking me up on long trips--I plan to repurchase soon. 

Look who's bored already!

This lovely bracelet I forgot I owned. 

A map to a friend's school drawn by my mum to give to someone else's mum! The things they do...

Crow gave me this notebook last summer. So far I've only used a few pages.

Numerous sachets of sugar--I always take them from restaurants and currently have two boxes full in the kitchen. Who doesn't, right?

Crumpled receipts for:

  • A pair of tweezers last July.
  • Coconut water last June.
  • Japanese rice snacks three weeks ago. 
  • Tights and knickers last October. 
  • Bobby pins and hair ties last July.

A letter I wrote to my friend in England ages ago and completely forgot to send... Yeah. 

Train and bus timetables. 

Instructions for a Sharp Scientific Calculator. Totally read those. 

A leaflet for Glendeer Pet Farm (must go this summer!)

A shopping list from last December

An artist's business card.

I always seem to have ribbon about my person and have no idea where it all comes from. 

A lemonade bottle lid with sentimental value. I've had it over a year now. 

Look at all this debris ruining my gorgeous bag!

 So you'd think that after all this, I cleared out all the rubbish, sorted my possessions carefully and stored a select few important ones in my freshly cleaned handbag.

Yes, of course I did.

Happy summer, guys! You'll be hearing a lot more from me soon (not a threat). xxx

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