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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Food, Glorious Food... Summer Strawberry Smoothie!

In my opinion, a smoothie recipe is futile on a par with a recipe for a cup of tea. If you’ve made a smoothie before, you’ll know that there’s nothing more to it than bunging everything in the blender and pressing the button.

In any case, I was so excited to use the fresh strawberries that my dad has grown in the garden and thought this blog post might inspire those readers who might be smoothie virgins, or who haven’t quite gotten into the swing of summer yet, to have a go!

This recipe serves two big portions, or three non-greedy portions (who are these people???).


7 or 8 fresh strawberries, ideally straight from the garden but you could use frozen and omit the ice.
Four ice cubes
Two bananas (overripe ones work well, so it’s great to use up those brown speckled ones I hate)
1 cup orange juice (Literally any sized cup within reason, we ain’t fancy here)
1 cup natural yoghurt

I thoroughly recommend Glenisk Organic Natural Yoghurt for this, and any other, recipe. It’s absolutely gorgeous, nicer by far than any of its competitors I’ve tried. It has a thick, creamy texture and lacks that rather acrid tang that many natural yoghurts include. I bought it in Londis but think it can be widely purchased throughout Ireland. 5 stars, we get it all the time, and I’m not even being paid to say this!

1)      Rinse and halve your strawberries, and slice the bananas.

2)      Add everything to the blender—measure the yoghurt in the cup first, then use the same cup for the orange juice so excess yoghurt is rinsed out (this is the part where Dave Lamb of Come Dine with Me says sarcastically “ooooh, top tip!”).

3)      Put the blender on “pulse” for a couple of seconds to crunch up the ice and berries, then just leave it on a low strength for about 10—15 secs or until everything is… well, smooth.

Et voila! Perfect to enjoy outside or for a healthy start to the day with your cereal. The colour wasn’t as gorgeous and pink as I’d hoped—our strawberries often don’t have that GM red blush, but they taste a lot nicer.

I really loved drinking this outside whilst reading “The Casual Vacancy” by JK Rowling. I’m hoping to review the book here when I’m finished, but in the meantime you can track my progress on : catherineannmk

Hope you’re all making the most of the sunshine, while it lasts! xxx 


  1. Nice post Catherine, you can't beat a great smoothie, especially when it includes strawberries! :)


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