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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Things I did today that none of you care about


Just thought I'd take a short study break to remind you all that I exist, and assure you all I'm alive and well.

I have had an idea for a big deep blog post, but that's for when I have more than five minutes. Look forward to plenty of blogging after the exam are over!

In the meantime, here's a snapshot of my life in the form of a list of things I did today. It promises to be a riveting read.

  • Decided fully on an outfit for Thursday week. It will be my last day at school (ever!) and will be celebrated by a Mass service--there's a church next to our school, awards evening in the school hall and a night out with all of the sixth year students and teachers. 
  • Painted my hand purple and did a hand print on a board along with all my fellow sixth years. 
  • Washed the paint off said hand. 
  • Signed my name on said board.
  • Watched an entire football match without getting bored. (It didn't last very long, and Wolf was there to keep me company, but still)
  • Heckled players at a football match.
  • Bought a yummy cupcake at a cake sale, then found out someone had brought them in to give to a friend and they had been sold by mistake! (Still, they were very nice, if that's any consolation...) 
  • Almost positively picked a dress for the grad (prom) and discussed with Phoenix whether or not people still "do" corsages... Verdict: Yes. 
  • Got 94% on a history essay. (Go me!)
  • Had huge long chats with my friends about everything and nothing important!
  • Complained lots. 
  • Worked either extremely hard or not at all with no in-betweens whatsoever. 
  • Found out something new. 
  • Shared something new with someone else. 
  • Laughed as much as I complained. 

That was my day. How was yours? xxx

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