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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Happiness... When You're Smiling.

By my reckoning, we smile about fifty per cent of the time for ourselves, and fifty per cent for other people.

Yes, I’m lucky enough to have people in my life who go to a huge effort to make me laugh or smile. 
Sometimes I’ll catch sight of a picture from ages ago, or I’ll remember something sweet, and I’ll smile all over my face without being able to help it.

But smiling is also about manners: when you pass by someone or sit down opposite them, you smile. It’s polite. It’s a kindness. It’s nothing, really.

Except that it is. Sometimes, it’s the whole world.

First of all, the fact is that every single human being looks their best when they smile. A smile lights up the eyes, gives the face a pleasant shape, and generally makes someone look like you’d want to go up and talk to them. If you see someone glaring around the room, they don’t look very approachable!

Smiles are also infectious. Seeing one person at peace with the world can often make us feel a lot better.

I remember going into school on my own one day—I normally travel with Phoenix—and for whatever reason I was really upset. It was a time when I was being picked on, and I dreaded going in to school on my own. I hated the thought of walking through those corridors, terrified someone would start to say or do something mean.

I was just walking down the corridor when I passed by a girl in my year, and she gave me a big smile and said “Hi!”

It was the simplest thing in the world, but it made me feel so much better. I don’t even really know this girl, but she brightened up my day. It just made me feel like one person was on my side, and that was all I needed.

What I hadn’t realised was that I was capable of doing the same.

A couple of months ago, I came home from school and my dad said he had something very important to tell me.

We’d ordered something online to be delivered, and when dad answered the door for the parcel, the delivery man said he remembered our house.

He distinctly remembered delivering a Vax steam cleaner (detail important for some reason) to our house, because it was his first day on the job… and it was going to be his last. He really hated it. 

“When I rang the bell,” he told dad, “Your daughter was by the window, studying hard! She turned to look out and gave me a big smile! She was so kind to me. That was when I decided to keep going with the job.”

My dad explained why I had been studying: “She has her school-leaving exams next year.”

“Ah!” He said. “She will get all ‘A’s!”

Now, I can vaguely remember that I was the one who signed for this package. I can’t remember what that man looked like. I can’t remember why I was smiling—there could have been a reason, but I smile by default when I answer the door. Who doesn’t?

I just can’t believe something I don’t even recall had such an impact on another person.

I’m not writing this to preach, or to show off—thought it was an amazing feeling—but to remind you all that happiness really can be infectious.

So even if you’re not in the best mood, you should fool everyone and smile. Who knows? You might even fool yourself.

I doubt I’ll get all A’s in the exams, but hey… it’s a nice thought! 


  1. While I read this, I was practicing my smile. It's not pretty, but hey, it's something :D. I love reading your blog! It's a total pick-me-up!

    1. That's great to hear!!
      I bet your smile is beautiful--all smiles are.
      So glad you like my posts :)


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