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Monday, 3 February 2014

100th Post... Looking Forward; Looking Back

I’m in the middle of another post on happiness, but I thought to celebrate my 100th blog post EVER I would share some of my more popular pieces from the past… almost-year!


Bread and Butter Pudding Recipe (my first real post that went down a treat!)

Now, on to the details for the writing competition!


It’s really quite straightforward. Entries do not have a particular word limit, but have to be the size of a reasonable blog post. I won’t be accepting three lines, or eighteen pages, but I won’t be too fussy about it either!


Your entry must be entitled: “2013: Unlucky for Me?”

It must include an evaluation of some kind, looking back on 2013. There should be a definite conclusion of whether you thought your year was good or bad overall, what you learned, how you changed…

It does NOT, however, have to be true! I don’t know most of you, so if you want to spin me an interesting piece of fiction then you absolutely may! Just as long as it means something.

This time, there is no age limit, but I do ask that you include your name and age with your entry—even if it’s just a pen name!

Entrants may be from anywhere in the UK or Ireland.

The winning entry will be published here on Unlucky for Some.

The judges will include myself and up to two fellow writers who won’t have any of your personal details.

If you’re the lucky winner, I’ll ask for your address so you can be sent…

A NOVEL as your prize! I’m going to set about choosing one very soon.

The closing date for this competition is 15th April 2014.


So, in short, just send your essay/blog post/ short story entitled “2013: Unlucky for Me?” to along with your name and age, before 15th April 2014. I appreciate all styles of writing, and lashings of creativity—but please, nothing offensive. The aim is to be published on a blog aimed at teenagers but open to all age groups, from anywhere in the world. So if you’re thinking of sending the next “Fifty Shades…” or 2”Why I hate such and such a religion”, you’ve got the wrong competition.

Best of luck to all!

Happy writing,

Catherine Ann Minnock

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