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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Blogmas #8: The Best Worst Christmas

I don't like change! if I had my way, everything would be the same. I'm a stickler for tradition, and since my mum re-arranged the kitchen cupboards I've felt like a sufferer of ridiculously early-onset Alzheimer's.

I was therefore fretting profusely over this Christmas. I've been known to fret, anyway--just ask my friends--but I was really worried about this. I'm a Christmas fanatic, as you may have guessed, but this year was going to be *shudder*... different.

A lot of my family live abroad, but we've always had at least two of our three boys, sometimes plus guests, home for Christmas. This year, however, it was just going to be me, mum and dad. Ferret is in Afghanistan right now. Tiger and Duchess went to Duchess' parents house to celebrate. And Elephant and Panther... they were otherwise engaged. I'll be explaining that in Blogmas #12!

I worried that it wouldn't be the same. I worried that mum, dad and I wouldn't have a lot to talk about for the whole day. I felt like I wouldn't feel the Christmas spirit and the house wouldn't be so full of laughter and joy.

I was right: it wasn't the same. But, as the writer Patrick Ness said at the Mountains to Sea Festival... "Why does different have to be better or worse... why can't it just be different?"

It wasn't. In fact, it was as near perfect as it was going to get. It was a chilled out Christmas the like of which our house has never seen... and as it turns out, that was just what I needed.

We all exchanged presents and get exactly what we'd wished for. We relaxed, chatted, watched some serious Christmas telly and the one thing that hadn't changed was... the dinner.

The "good" cutlery and Country Roses dinner set, plus the Irish tradition of having two kinds of meat, turkey and ham. YES.

Christmas wasn't quite as lonely as I'd anticipated, either. In the morning, our neighbour came over for a cup of tea. In the evening, other relatives visited. They knew we'd be alone on Christmas, and came over to keep us company. Just because that's the kind of people they are.

I've been known to "give out" about people dropping in--you know, when I'm in my PJs at midday on a Saturday, perfectly acceptable... but now I understand the attraction. That people are thinking of you. Or that people are driving by your house and just drop in, to see how you're getting on.

I hope everyone knows what I'm talking about.

Merry late Christmas. 

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