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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Blogmas #10... Introducing Cub!

I had to keep this one a secret for the longest time, but know I can tell the world!

It’s something I’ve been waiting for since the summer, and now it’s arrived I am just over the moon.

It’s going to be a lot of responsibility, but also amazing fun...

OK, I’ll stop beating around the bush.

As of four weeks ago,

I am an auntie!

That’s right! Elephant and Panther have had their first (of at least a dozen, I hope...) baby! Panther gave birth to a beautiful little boy in December, just before Christmas. A little earlier than expected, but let’s not complain! He is perfectly happy, healthy and handsome... he takes after his dad and uncles and I know he’s going to make a lovely young man.

As they live in England, my parents and I flew over for a visit last weekend. I couldn’t wait to see him (after the twelve albums of photos we’d seen), but i was also a little bit apprehensive.
“What do you do with a baby?” I’d been asking people. I’m the younest in my family, so I’d never had experience before. What if someone let me hold Cub and I dropped him? What did you say? Did you coo? Did you talk to them normally? Shake their hand? Pat them on the head and give them a treat?
I love chatting to kids when they’re at that talkative stage, but Cub wouldn’t be able to talk. What was I to do?

It turns out, I didn’t have to do anything. I don’t know whether it was the fact that he’s a baby, he’s particularly adorable for a baby, or the fact that my own brother actually made this little human, but all I could do was sit there enchanted, watching his every move: flexing his tiny fingers, wiggling his wee toes, creasing his little face, and then opening his eyes to regard the person cuddling him with comfortable indifference, “like I even care, just keep still, will you?”
And when he was finally placed in my arms, I didn’t worry about dropping him or holding him wrong or making him cry... it felt natural like I’d never imagined it would be.
Also, he didn’t poo or wee on my skirt, which I found very considerate indeed.

I can’t wait to see Cub again, and when he’s old enough, I’ve decided exactly what kind of aunt I’m going to be. I will be the aunt who:
·         Always has sweets.

·         Teaches him to bake.

·         Buys him all the Harry Potter books and forces him to read them—it’s for his own good, you know...

·         Plays a game of “fortunately, unfortunately” like they do in Tracy Beaker so he can decide that he wants to be a writer—which of course, he will.

·         Teaches him how to actually get a girl’s attention, not how boys think you get a girl’s attention (Or a boy’s)—but not until he’s at least twenty-five. Buying books and cooking will be involved. Wolf-whistling will not.

·         Tells him all the lies that Elephant told me when I was little, and that to this day I am discovering are not true. (Turns out, praying mantises don’t actually eat little girls...)

He’s also got another lovely auntie, Panther’s younger sister, and an auntie-in-law. I’m sure they’ll do some of these things too, so that he’ll be spoiled rotten and sent home to mum and dad expecting cake and sweets all the time.

I can’t wait for this next chapter of my life, and everyone else’s. I bet I’ll get to have more than one nephew or niece (the gender neutral noun being “nibbling”—I know!) and hopefully some children of my own... but not for a long while yet!

Yours, feeling very very old and not at all wise,

Catherine Ann x


  1. Awh congratulations! I love the humourous style you wrote this in :) definitely instill baking and Harry Potter into him. ;)

    1. Thank you! I'm over the moon, and so pleased you liked the post! I can't wait till he decided to be a professional writer/chef...

      ..which he will. He has to... XD


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