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Monday, 23 December 2013

Blogmas #5: Mini Christmas!

This year I have made some wonderful friends.

This year some really wonderful things have happened in my life, and so many changes are going on around me.

This year, Tiger, Elephant and Ferret are all abroad doing very important things (which I'll tell you about later). For that reason, I felt like I'd be lonely this December. My family are the people I love most in the world, and I thought I'd be useless without them!

The thing is, though, I have another family. I've learned lately that there is more to family than who lived in your house growing up... and this lesson has been re-affirmed with every single person I've befriended this year.

I had a rocky start, friendship-wise, when I moved to a new place. I was a bit of a wet mop, (I know mum and dad will laugh if they read that, so I suppose, I was a wet mop at school...), and I used to do what anyone told me. I thought this was the reason I used to be bullied and taken advantage of.

Turns out, that wasn't the reason.

Turns out, I was so worried people wouldn't like me, I picked a few friends and stuck with them no matter how they made me feel.

I've become a little better at picking friends, now I know I have the right to do so, and I've come across some amazing ones.

Phoenix has stuck with me for five years: she's the only one I was close to from the beginning that I'm even closer to now. Wolf was the first one to tell me that it's actually not OK for people to pick on me... and she happens to be the most hilarious girl in the world. Bambi seems to understand my writing better than anyone, and always knows how to make one feel better. Crow is just the kindest person I've ever met; that's all I can say. And Black Sheep and I... we're a team. A great team, actually.

So on Saturday, just after school broke up, I went over to Bambi's where she'd organised a "Mini Christmas". It was a chance for us to spend a version of the very special day with some of our friends. These consisted of myself, Bambi (obviously), Black Sheep, Crow and two other friends who don't actually have nicknames yet but are probably the nicest people I've met. I say that about everyone, don't I? Oh, how lucky I am!

We had a Christmas dinner, made by Bambi's mum who's an amazing cook, exchanged gifts (which I'll talk about later) and generally chilled out... "soaking up each other's awesomeness".

I am thoroughly enjoying having two families to celebrate Christmas with. One who I've chosen very carefully (and done a wonderful job), and one who I didn't get to choose... but I did get incredibly lucky with. I don't know how I managed it, and to hear me argue with my parents sometimes you wouldn't think it, but I'm honestly part of the most loving family you could meet.

So whoever you're spending Christmas with, and how ever many you're having... enjoy every moment, and remember to thank your friends and family... just for existing.

Thanks for existing, guys. Love you.

(You don't get any pictures with this post. They're MY friends. Go and look at pictures of your own.)

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