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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Introducing... The Twelve Blog Posts of Christmas!

Hi guys!

I hope you’re all well, wishing you so much joy at this the most special time of year. Yes, Christmas is fast approaching, and it’s my absolute favourite holiday, season, day, month... I just love it. For me, Christmas begins when I go to church with my parents on a Saturday evening and it’s time to light the first purple candle on the Advent wreath. I certainly don’t see Christmas as purely a religious holiday, but the magic is always alive that evening and it does remind us how our favourite festival began. A hush falls around the whole church as we watch the flame travel from taper to candle, and the congregation smiles at each other because everyone knows just what it means.

Preparation for Christmas has begun.

I’ve decided it’s time to share a few more bits and pieces of my life with you, my readers. I talk about myself a bit, but I’m always careful not to share too much for many, many reasons. This is still going to be the case (and trust me, you’re not missing much), but throughout the Christmas period I’ll be doing twelve blog posts, the “twelve posts of Christmas”, or maybe “blogmas” (I’ll decide tomorrow), which share my experiences of this very personal time of year. I intend to take lots of different pictures and talk about all the different aspects of Christmas I love.

I’m hoping to have the first post up tomorrow, when it’s officially December, and you can expect most of the others throughout the month. However there are two posts which will have to wait till after the big day. One will concern Christmas presents, so of course I can’t give away the surprise, and the other... the other is something very special indeed. It’s a wonderful gift that’s coming our way but we’re not sure when it will arrive! I can’t wait till it does... It could really happen any time in the next six weeks. That’s all I can say right now...

I’ve always seen Christmas as a hugely private time. Only the closest people in my life know just how I celebrate Christmas. Without giving too much away, I’m going to share a few little pieces with all of you in the hope that you will have something heart-warming, interesting, maybe a bit funny to read, and that you’ll get to know me a bit more than just “the-girl-who-loves-writing-and-baking-and-used-to-have-a-curvy-spine-but-it’s-OK-now.”

So, happy beginning of Christmas everyone, and I hope you enjoy the Twelve Blogs!

Lots of love and glad tidings,

Catherine Ann x 


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