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Monday, 28 October 2013

More About Me...

I notice that I’m gathering a few more likes on my Facebook page, follows on Twitter and views on here, so I’m guessing that a few readers may be new to my blog. I post about myself sometimes, and I have done some personal opinion pieces and facts about myself, but since some of you might not be familiar with those, I decided to do another little “getting to know me” post.

Some of these are common questions found on the internet, and some have been suggested by readers.

None are in any way interesting.

What/who is your icon?
 I don’t really have an icon. When I was younger I once referred to some celebrity as “my idol”, not really knowing what it meant, and my mum actually told me quite seriously that you should never worship someone or try to follow them in any way—you should be your own icon, I suppose. Having said that, I do see so many great qualities in my friends and I aspire to some of those:  I try to have Bambi’s drive and kindness, Crow’s patience and ambition... I could go on.

Have you ever lost a close friend?
I moved to a different country when I was twelve, away from literally all my friends. But I wouldn’t class them as “lost” exactly... I’d love to see them all again someday, and some of us keep in touch.

Lyrics to the song you’re listening to? 
Up with the winds, up with the skies, up with the fears, but you know with you I’m fine... You and me, we’re just fine, one billion invisible lines, out your head and into mine... we’re just fine.

What’s your favourite book? 
Oh God. Seriously? Why this torture? I’m going to quote “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” here, just one that I love: “They are all my favourites. All of them.”

If you had €35 what would you spend it on? Well, since writing that answer... books. Probably CDs, too. Not iTunes. CDs with plastic cases and a little booklet full of squashed-together song lyrics.

Favourite character from a book? 
This might be a little easier. My favourite character is called Mara Bell, from a trilogy called Exodus, Zenith and Aurora buy Julie Bertagna. She was the first character I read about who felt really real to me. She was so flawed and so imperfect but so unfailingly good... I don’t think these books are as popular as they should be, and it’s hard for me to describe all her actions in a few words, but Mara was strong and weak at the same time, confused and lonely, loving and worried... she felt everything a normal girl feels and I felt it with her. This strong, vivid character made it easy to step into her shoes when I read the book and created what I refer to in my head as the “Exodus Test”. When a character is at a pivotal moment, does my stomach flip like it did for Mara so many times? If so, I am reading a remarkable book. This does not happen often and is so, so special when it does.

When did you start baking?
I’ve been baking for as long as I can remember. When I was small, my dad used to put a mixing bowl on the kitchen floor so I could sit and stir the cake batter which was made from his mother’s old recipes. I can’t remember ever not baking.

Do you believe in aliens? 
I don’t think about this all that often, but I probably do. If the universe is so big it would be incredibly narrow-minded of us to think that we’re the only ones here. I feel much the same about religion: it’s narrow-minded to say there definitely is a God as well as to say there definitely isn’t. It’s a personal choice as to what you believe, and if you’re wrong, who cares? Personally, aliens: yes, God: yes, fairies: why not?

Favourite movie? A bunch of us watched “School of Rock” last night, and I’m probably forgetting all other movies before it, but... wow.

What food have you always wanted to try? Snails and frogs’ legs. If they are—or were—so popular in France, they must be good! I’m just so curious to see what the taste and texture are like: I’d  imagine snails are like mushrooms and have been told frogs’ legs are like chicken. 


  1. The Perks is amazing! It's is defiantly my favorite book :)

    1. Thanks for the comment! I love it myself, it's really interesting... I'm hoping to do some reviews of books and so on soon. If you'd like to weigh in on that, I'd be delighted :) xxx


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