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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

When All Else Fails... Cakepops.

Some of you may recall me mentioning a few weeks back that I'd bought one of those new giant cupcake moulds and was dying to try it out! I decided to make a cake for Duchess and Tiger's arrival, recklessly disregarding the rule that you never try something new on a special occasion.

In short, it was a complete and utter disaster. I had to make two lots of mixture as I underestimated the size, then due to some problem to do with a) the fan in the oven and b) the fact that the two parts of the cake were very different sizes, there was a very burnt-on-the-outside-raw-on-the-inside type situation...

Also, it rose wrong.

What was I to do? Not one to let these things get to me (ha, ha), I *calmly* made up some bright pink butter icing, crumbled the salvageable cake, mixed them together and shaped into cake pops.

But I still wanted it to be some kind of feature. Cake pops, cookies and cupcakes are all very well (very, very, very well in fact), but nothing beats that sense of occasion that comes with a cake.

So I simply piled them up on a board and did some decorating! A cross between cake pops and a croque en bouche, by the looks of things... pretty yummy, though!

Go forth, readers, and make the best out of your ridiculous mess-ups! 

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