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Thursday, 29 August 2013

A Healthy Appetite... Take Three!

So this is my totally originally and inventively titled third “healthy appetite” post...  Let’s go over the plans.
Week one, I decided to do half an hour’s exercise every day and stop eating so many unhealthy snacks. Both of these have gone really well! I’ve actually found the exercise to be enjoyable, great when I’m stressed out after a long day—I just go for a jog. It’s not really strenuous stuff, but I’m feeling better for it. The snacking’s reduced a lot, too: I’ve started really pausing to think about whether I’m actually hungry. If I am, then sure, I’ll have something, but if I’m not, I know that I’d just be snacking out of boredom, so I just go and do something else.

Week two, and two more resolutions were added to the list—remember, these are being accumulated. I’m not just forgetting the previous week when it ends! So on top of more moving and less snacking, I also decided to spend less time on the computer and cut down on my caffeine intake. The computer resolution has kind of been followed, but I really should have set specific time limits. Now I have things to do for school, I’m on it a lot less, and I’ve handwritten most of my stories or blog posts so I can type them up quickly without multiple trips to Facebook. This still does need a lot of work, though, but hopefully the back-to-school timetable I’ve written will help a lot. Does anyone have any tips for staying off the social networks?

Cutting the caffeine has actually been fun! I’ve only just realised how dependent I was on my tea and coffee. Initially, I missed the instant wakefulness I’d get in the morning, but I’m enjoying a more gradual refreshing experience these days: initially I’ll be tired, but once I’m awake my energy lasts longer. I’ve been drinking herbal teas mostly, allowing myself one cup of regular tea/coffee a day, but to be honest right now I’m not feeling the need for it that much. I’ve been drinking a new tea, Barry’s Lemon and Ginger, which I am in love with and would highly recommend. It’s really tasty and has a warming spice to it, which was the kind of thing I’d miss from regular tea. The only negative was that the tea bags kept breaking leaving me perilously close to either choking on tea leaves or finding "The Grim" in the bottom of my cup! I think I just got part of a bad batch though! 

(Look Tiger and Duchess, I'm using the mug you got me!)

This has also helped with the snacking as I don’t feel such a need for a biscuit or cake as I would if I had a regular cup of tea. Other teas I enjoy are mixed berry tea, which I have as a treat with a spoonful of honey—so tasty—and occasionally a peppermint tea. Question: does anyone actually enjoy green tea? I know it’s good for you and all, and I think I know one, maybe two people who like it, but seriously? In the words of Elephant: “I don’t think you’re supposed to like it. It's just god for you.” Would love to know, comment if you’re a fan! Defend your beverage!

Now, onto this Thursday’s resolutions!  I’ve decided to add an extra hour of exercise to my week at some point, probably on the weekends, where I’ll go for a long walk or a swim, or maybe look into starting some aerobics or something... this could be fun! I’m also going to try and organise the way I eat during the school day so I have healthy food that actually fills me up till I can eat again—yes everyone, that was my stomach rumbling during Irish. And biology. Sorry. I’ll be posting about that soon, with lots of recipes if I find them! My big problem seems to be finding a healthy break-time snack that’s more filling than just a piece of fruit...
Since that last one wasn’t really a proper, life-changing thing, I’m also going to try drinking my eight glasses of water per day, as I tend to forget this when I go back to school. Dehydration just makes it hard to concentrate and I always feel like rubbish when I haven’t drunk enough.

With school just back, I think that’s enough to be getting on with!

I hope you guys are enjoying these posts and I really look forward to sharing my recipes with you. I’m doing the last post next week, but I’ll come back to this in a couple of months to let you all know if I’m sticking to my plans! As always, I’d love to hear about your resolutions. 


  1. A regular green tea drinker here just to say, it is not an acquired taste. It still tastes awful. I've switched to herbal teas such as Chai tea, lemon and ginger, peppermint, and my new favorite : Nettle and Blackberry which is really yummy!

    1. Ah good, I'm not the only one! It must be like cod liver oil or whatever, you take it cos it's good for you... not because it's nice!! ;) I've never tried chai tea actually, I'll certainly give it a go! I actually made my own mint tea last year... maybe I could do the same with nettle and blackberry as both are abundant right outside my door? If I get stung, I'm blaming this blog... xxx

  2. I'm definitely a fan of green tea; I drink 3 cups a day! It does take getting used to though, at first I couldn't stand it, but now, I have to say, I love it :) thanks for the tea tips! xx

    1. I was thinking of just persevering, but I don't know if I could be a martyr! I have found green tea to be a lighter alternative, but only if it's brewed juuuuuust right... Is there anything you take with it, e.g. lemon, honey? xxx

    2. When I started out, I put a quarter of a teaspoon of sugar in it, and slowly weened myself off it :) xx

    3. That's a great idea! Thanks hun! I will definitely try it as we ran out of chamomile yesterday... *cry* XD xxx

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