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Thursday, 8 August 2013

A Healthy Appetite... Cut The Crap!

I don’t know if my regular readers have noticed, but I don’t lead the healthiest of lifestyles (come to think of it, I don’t know if I have regular readers). I’ve been having lots of holiday fun with my family for the past week, but decided that the second they went back, I would start to do something about my health. I’m not particularly unhealthy (thanks to my mum who’s never allowed too much junk) but things kind of go all over the place in the summer. My goal isn’t to lose weight really, it’s just to live a healthier lifestyle. Also, those of you who’ve followed my scoliosis story will know just how lucky I am to have the body that I have... so I really should be looking after it better.

For the next while I’ll be “cutting the crap” in two ways. I’ll cut the literal crap from my diet, and try to choose healthier options. I’ll also cut the crap excuses about exercise, such as...
·        It’s raining. It always rains here, I may as well get used to it. Or make the most of rare dryness.
·         I suck at team sports. I do. People at school get visibly upset when I’m put on their team. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of other ways to exercise!
·         People are staring at me. From cars and so on, you know. But really, who cares? My health is way more important.
·         I have other things to do. I need to remember that exercise is one of the most important things to do, and Thumper recently pointed out to me that half an hour of exercise is just 2% of the day. Come on, what else would I be doing?

Regarding diet... I won’t be going on one! I’m not a fan of “diet” being used as a verb. I strongly believe in three proper square meals a day, and if you’re hungry, then for goodness’ sake, EAT! I also feel that things like cakes etc in moderation are fine! However I’m going to try to stick to those three meals and ask myself whether or not I am actually hungry. I’ll be choosing some healthier options, too, so you can expect healthy recipes to appear soon, particularly when I write some “back to school” posts, where I’ll include nutritious lunchbox ideas!

I’m not going to be making a huge list of optimistic resolutions, because I know myself well enough by now to be sure I won’t stick to something like that. I read in a magazine, I think it was “Glamour” that it’s best to focus on just two areas of life you want to improve so that you don’t get overwhelmed. I love this idea and have decided to adapt it to improve my health. I’ll be introducing two new things into my routine and waiting till they’re almost second nature before I introduce two more. The first things will probably be doing some proper exercise every day, whether it’s walking, jogging, swimming etc, and the second will probably be having less snacks throughout the day.

I won’t publish my plans etc on here because I know some of you will be saying “that’s nothing!” while others might say “that’d be too much for me!” and comparing yourself to your peers doesn’t usually end well... but I will be posting updates on my progress (or lack thereof), which hopefully will motivate me and perhaps inspire you! If you’re looking for a more rigid plan, then Bambi and Thumper have both written some very well-thought out plans on the topic. I really admire these girls as I believe that they’re capable of sticking to these plans, but for me I think it would be intimidating! They’re stronger women than I am (and probably a lot less lazy), but hopefully we can keep each other motivated!

Whether you want to make a big plan like Bambi and Thumper, or take it in smaller chunks like me, I’d love to hear from you. Maybe you’re already fit and healthy? Maybe you think it’s time for a change, too? I’d love to hear from you at or below in the comments, and I know if you follow the links to Bambi and Thumper’s blogs, they’ll be happy to talk, too! I also know a lovely girl called Mollie who told me she wants to do something like this, I think “brain foor and bunny food” was the phrase she used, so if you head over to her site she’d love to chat as well, I’m sure.

Wish me luck! 


  1. I love how honest and straight forward you are! At times, you made me LOL "I strongly believe in three proper square meals a day, and if you’re hungry, then for goodness’ sake, EAT! "
    Enjoyed reading this! | Lifestyle & Beauty Blog

    1. Thanks so much for the comment Heidi! I'm really glad you liked the post. I'll be sure to check back to your blog very soon :)

  2. Your excuses sound quite like the ones that float around my head far too often! Can't wait to see how you get on. I'll be joining you in the quest to cut the crap!
    Thank you kindly for the mention!
    Regular Reader Mollie

    1. Ah, so I do have a regular reader! ;)

      I used to call them "reasons" before I realised they were excuses! I'd love to hear how you get on, all the best! :)


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