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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Crafty Little Things... Top Banter

Hey guys! I’ve got two more t-shirt ideas I’d like to show you! One is a top I just finished yesterday, and one is the first ever top I altered which I forgot to include in all the excitement of my last post!
This first one’s a very simple idea, and it shows how you can put your own spin on something really easily. Perfect for people who like to be a little bit different, or if you can never seem to find exactly what you’re looking for in the shops.

My first project! (A terrible picture of.) But I ironed this for you guys, hope you appreciate. 

I got this T-shirt for exercise if I remember rightly, before realising that... hang on, I don’t exercise. I love this colour grey as it really suits me, but the top had a really high neck which was tight and uncomfortable.
So after seeing something on TV where a woman bravely took a pair of scissors to her clothes, I decided to bite the bullet and do the same...

With a regular cotton t-shirt, you just need to use some big sewing scissors and make large, confident snips. I simply cut all along the neckline about an inch or two in, and snipped the sleeves the same way. Remember to start with a little bit... you can always cut more, but it’ll be a tad more difficult to sew back on.

If you're worried about it looking poorly cut, just do what I did: let the fabric curl as it naturally does, and add a few stitches to keep it that way. 

Then I just made a little design out of buttons to stitch on. I’ve always got a collection of them hanging around, whether it’s from old clothes or ones I snapped up in the shops...

I stayed with Elephant and Panther last year, and as there aren't many department stores... well, in Ireland, Panther took me into John Lewis and I spent about an hour amusing myself with buttons, ribbons and the like.... heaven! 

This next T-shirt was made from a plain white large one, which had a little iron-on logo from something or another. I soon changed it round!

First I decided to dye it dark blue. I used Dylon fabric dye, which you just put in the washing machine with the clothing. One pack was €5.99 from my local supermarket, and I used it to dye a t-shirt and a jumper.
The more clothes you dye, the lighter the colour will be.

I then cut off one sleeve entirely and widened the neckline again.

As the top would’ve been really baggy, and as I’d seen this style in the shops, I cut a few inches at the seam on either side and held them in place with a stitch, so they could be tied up.

Now to cover up the ugly patch, I sound a button (one of my many) and some blue ribbon from one of my birthday presents (yeah, I'm the sort of person who gets almost as excited about the ribbon as I do about the present). I made a flower by simply stitching the ribbon on in some loops, and adding the button to the middle.

And here's the finished product! Overall, I'm really pleased with it. I even had enough ribbon left over to tie round my wrist when I wear the top so it looks like I bothered to put together an outfit! If I had to do it again, I would probably cut less out of the top, as the shoulder falls down if not positioned perfectly! 

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