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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Six of the Best... What Makes Me Uncomfortable.

Conflict and telephones. Those are two things, but hey. I’m not gonna get into an argument about it...

I hate, hate, hate conflict. Anyone in my youth theatre knows that... “drama is conflict” and yeah, I’m all for drama. As long as it’s not mine. I’ll watch it on TV or at the cinema, I’ll hear about it from friends, but being involved in it? Not so much. I’ve met plenty of people who seem to have an opinion on everything and feel the need to ask mine, often with a view to arguing about it. I often answer them with a simple “I don’t know”. To them, it may seem like I’m stupid, or that I don’t bother to think about the issues of the day.

The truth is, I have thought about them. I’m just very aware that I’m sixteen and don’t actually have a clue what I’m on about. I don’t have an opinion because I don’t have enough life experience. Or perhaps I do have an opinion, but if it’s going to cause conflict I’ll keep it to myself. I don’t know what good it does getting het up about whatever’s been in the news, but some people seem to insist upon it. This just makes me uncomfortable and I think that my time would be a lot better spent... I don’t know, baking?  

This sometimes leads to me getting in hot water, though. If I’m upset with a friend, I hate conflict so much that I’d rather just let it build up inside of me than actually start an argument... when the inevitable explosion several weeks later is much worse. Hating conflict can also lead to bullying in that if you don’t stand up for yourself the first time you get shoved against a wall or called fat, then... it could go on for years. So if you’re looking to learn something from this post: I guess conflict can be healthy or unhealthy. It’s up to you which you get involved in.

 I think avoiding the bad kind of conflict is all about picking the right people. For instance, I know which of my friends I can have a nice discussion about the ins and outs of religion with, and everyone will respect everyone’s opinion and nobody will mind if there’s a difference... and I know when it’s time to be quiet. Or at least I’m learning.

I like a quiet life, me.

Another thing that makes me uncomfortable is talking on the phone. That’s right: texting and Facebook have ruined me.  I don’t know what it is, but I know that I’m not the only one. I’d imagine a phone call including me, Tiger and Crow would bear an uncanny resemblance to a graveyard. It’s always easier for me to put things in writing: I blog, write letters, email, text etc, to my heart’s content. In “real life”, talking face-to-face, I’m not too bad when I get to know you... but on the phone? I think there’s something about not being able to see someone’s expression that makes me really uneasy. What if they’re rolling their eyes? What if they’ve left the phone down somewhere and walked off? It’s a bit of a trust issue.

Don’t even get me started on voicemail.

My camera hates me so I can't share my nice picture I took for you all... but here are some pretty clouds courtesy of HowlsOfWater, a photographer and filmmaker. His youtube videos are guaranteed to make me giggle... see if you can hear the voiceover from our very own Crow!

Disclaimer: UnluckyForSome does not actually have ownership of Crow, nor does Catherine Ann Minnock... yet. (Evil Laugh)


  1. I hate telephone calls and conflict too! I'd much rather text someone or talk to them face to face. And I stay out of all situations that could end up in conflict... Unless it's debating. ;)

  2. Haha I simply can't take debates seriously. I'm just like "OK, we're all friends here... let's have a laugh..."

    ...I like debates, debates just don't like me... XD


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