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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Six of the Best... A Public Apology

...Just kidding.

From a girl who’s been in this country for five years now, I'd like to address the communication issues. 

I’m sorry it’s advertisement, not adver-tyse-ment.

I’m sorry it’s yoghurt, not yoe-gurt.

I’m sorry the word “shift” is about the most awful thing ever.

I’m sorry that it took me four weeks to work out what a “parer” was.

I’m sorry I don’t know “what the crack” is.

I’m sorry I thought “How are you?” was an actual question.

I’m sorry I’m scared of hurls and sloitars as they’re designed to sound like skulls splitting on concrete.

I’m sorry I’ve never footed turf.

I’m sorry it’s innovative, not inno-vayt-ive.

I’m sorry I’m not from Australia.

And I am ever so, ever so sorry that no, I don’t know “Dave from England.” 

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