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Friday, 7 June 2013

Food, Glorious... Drink? Chocolate Milksake

I'd just finished some editing when I sat back and realised two things.
A) It was incredibly hot.
B) More importantly, I hadn't had chocolate in six days.

This was an utter travesty and needed to be remedied. I didn't feel like making a cake in this heat, so instead I decided on a quick and easy chocolate milkshake.


A Blender
1 tbsp Granulated Sugar
Half a tbsp Cocoa Powder (I used Bourneville)
4 tbsp Warm Water
250 ml Milk
2 Scoops of Ice Cream (I used vanilla.... I dare someone to try chocolate!)


1) Blend together the cocoa, sugar and water. The water has to be warm for it to blend properly. Make sure there are no lumps. If you find any, stir them away with a spoon (turn the blender off first!)

2) Pour in the milk and blend again.

3) Add the ice cream, blend a third time and pour out into a glass.

Quick, easy and perfect for a chocolate hit on a hot day! No pictures I'm afraid... why not send in your own?

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