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Saturday, 4 May 2013

School... Twenty Questions

Hello and welcome to Catherine Ann’s cop-out emergency blog post! I had intended to share an essay about dreams which I wrote for school last week, as it links together lots of themes I talk about, such as school, happiness, writing and bullying. However, my book has been temporarily mislaid through no fault of my own, so it will have to wait for next week. What? I’m not bitter or anything. I’m also working on that list of why teens hate school, which you can still submit to. Oh! And I’ve been asked to create content for a website called, so it’s all hands on deck at the moment.

Anyway, here’s a quick list of things I ponder when I’m at school. It’ll be very quick, too, because Bambi’s coming over tomorrow, and I have to tidy up and bake cookies and such, so... 

Twenty Questions I’ve Asked Myself at School This Month...
·         Where is my life going?
·         Oh my god. What if people can read my thoughts? Remember that time that really embarrassing thing happened? No! Shut up!
·         Who is that? Were they always in my class?
·         If God wanted us to draw diagrams of what goes on inside our bodies, would He not have used simpler design?
·         When will I ever need to know what a logarithm is?
·         What is a logarithm?
·         When’s lunch?
·         Do teachers know they could save all that yelling if, the first time, they just bothered to enunciate?
·         Why does each individual seem to have a different set of rules?
·         Since when were there five members of One Direction?
·         If the oral Irish in leaving cert is worth 40%, why was no oral work required for the Junior Cert?
·         If history essays are now about coming to your own conclusions and forming opinions, that’ great, but why have teachers for the last four years encouraged/forced/told us to learn by rote?
·         When’s lunch?
·         How can one not enjoy reading?
·         What’s going to happen next in that French mini-series which is half way between Neighbours and The Saddle Club?
·         What career path will make use of all this learning off and regurgitating we do at school?
·         Am I even in this class?
·         When’s lunch?
·          If I ran away right now, could anyone really stop me?
·         Why, oh why, can’t all the toilets have toilet seats? 

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