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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Friends and Foes... What Makes a Friend?

I’ve decided to call my third theme “Friends and Foes”. I wanted originally to address the issue of bullying, but I thought it might get a little depressing to spend two weeks writing about that. I’ve consequently decided to talk about both bullying and friendship, as although they’re complete opposites, they’re also woven together in everyone’s life. This theme will probably last a fortnight or so, by which time it will be my mum’s birthday, and shortly after that, Crow's, so I’ll return to food and post recipes and pictures of the treats I’ll be making for them! You can also expect to see some pictures which are sent in for the competition.

First I’d like to talk about what makes a good friend. If you read my blog regularly, you’ll have noticed that I have a pretty nice group of friends at the moment. Unfortunately, this was not always the case. I’ve had bad friends and been lonely too, but there have always been one or two people who have stuck by me—even if they have been members of the family I’m so lucky to be a part of.

So I guess that’s the first thing. A friend who will stick by you. This doesn’t necessarily mean stick up for you, because that’s a pretty hard thing to do sometimes and I know some of my friends can often be just as scared as I am. Sticking by someone means you're there for them when they need you, whether it’s to find a solution or just to sympathise and say “I’m sorry that happened to you.” When I was bullied, the worst of it was that I thought nobody cared, that it was just going to have to be a part of life. My friends were the people who took the chance to say: “You know what? That shouldn’t have happened to you, and we feel really sorry that it did.” Sometimes, that’s all you need.

Another important thing in friendship is to have things in common. It might seem that you don’t have the same hobbies and interests as your friends, and that’s fine, but what I mean is that it’s nice to have someone with the same kind of views as you, someone with whom you can share your opinion without worrying that they’ll think you’re stupid. Friends rarely agree on everything, but it’s important to have a friend who can see where you’re coming from. My two newest friends are people who have a passion for writing just like me, so for instance when I have an experience with my writing, I know they will understand.

Now, all of my friends are incredible people. Take Bambi, for example. It’s near impossible to find something she isn’t good at, and usually it would be hard to take someone like that because they’re perfect, and they make you think that everything you do isn’t good enough. Not so with Bambi. While she has all these perfect talents like her writing and music and general awesomeness, she’s so busy complimenting all my talents that I don’t have time to be jealous. Real friends are supportive and build each other up. I’ve known people in the past who have been all to ready to tell me what I was doing wrong... I thought they were trying to help me, but as I get older I realise that no good friend will pull you up on all your flaws. Good friends make each other feel good, it’s as simple as that. I went to see a motivational speaker last year (I know, but it was good), and he advised us all to “surround yourself by great people”. That’s what I’ve done. So don’t worry about feeling jealous of all your friends’ talents, instead learn from them! Get them to help you... they won’t mind, I promise! Each of my friends helps me with different things. Wolf advises me on baking, Phoenix helped me with my singing in the school play, Bambi and Crow are of course my editors, Black Sheep has said he’ll help with my ukulele... and all my family have many skills which they’ve been teaching me since I was born!

Those are a few things I think are essential in a friend. What do you think makes a good friend? If you have a great group of friends, why not tell me about what makes them special? Comment of email as usual! I can’t wait to hear and tell you more about making friends and how to deal with bullying. 

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