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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Friends and Foes... Bullying Long Term

In the words of the principal from Mean Girls...

Not that I even really noticed much of it go by. I mean, literally today I learned the name of someone in my year... and I never did memorise the timetable. But for all that, boy am I exhausted! Besides, I’ve been in holiday mode since Easter, so the last six weeks have dragged... partly because I’ve got so much planned with familyand friends. I won’t list it all now, but if anything decidedly out of the ordinary happens, I'll let you guys know!

I also have a few challenges for the holidays, not least studying! I’m aiming to get 5 As and 2 Bs in my Leaving Cert, and while I know deep down that I’m capable of it, it will be no mean feat! Then there’s exercise (as in, actually doing some) and the baking business I’ll talk to you about later on. If it all gets too much, I can write to unwind as I always have!

Anyway, now on to my actual post. I’m a bit like the classic Irish builder, the one who really has a lot of work to be getting on with but keeps saying “C’mere till I tell ya...”
So, I’ve talked about bullying lately. And believe me, once you make that decision that you’re not going to be bullied any more, things get infinitely better. Not right away, but they do. If someone says they used to be bullied, we are always pleased for them that they've come out of it and aren’t being bothered any more.
However I’ve found that bullying can have some pretty serious long-term effects on one’s life.

First of all, the classic assumption most victims have is that it’s their fault. for that reason, when someone comes out of bullying, they might still feel they’re forever doing things wrong. Maybe they were bullied about their looks, so they think they’ll never be beautiful. Maybe they were left out, so maybe they feel like nobody will want to talk to them. Let me tell you guys, everyone has their own opinion and should be given a chance to form it. If you don’t put on that gorgeous smile, or strike up that conversation about what you’re interested in, nobody will be able to get to know you. And if they don’t get to know you... how can they get to like you, or even love you? Remember that bullies are the exception, not the rule. Their opinions a) don't matter, and b) are rarely the common view.

Something else I've found is that when one is bullied, one is constantly on the lookout. If those two, seven, twenty-three people were bullies, surely the whole world is nothing but a big scary bully? I’ve thought it before myself. That person won’t be nice to me. I won’t talk to them. You know what? They might be Lord Voldemort personified. But if they are, you can just walk away! It’s likely, though, that they’re the salt of the earth. I’m telling you, and I know that even I wouldn’t have believed me a few years ago, but please try to listen (er, read). There are some genuinely nice people out there. They are closer than you think. You just need to open your eyes.

Here's a song from a girl I've seen live, she's absolutely amazing. Her name is Olivia Burke and she decided to write a song about bullying, which I think shows that something good can always come out of what seems to be hopelessly negative. Her song's called Stronger Than Words.

I’ll tell you who are some lovely people, the kids from a secondary school in Offaly who’ve given me a batch of photos for the competition! There are some really amazing ones in there and I’m very very jealous! I’ve put in a new competition tab above, go check them out! Comment what you think! Don’t forget to email your piece to Or if you know me in person, just throw it at me. I won’t mind. 

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