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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Competition Time: Help Me, Oh Talented Ones!

My darling readers,

My blog is looking a little plain at the moment, and I thought it would be really cool to add some pictures with my posts. The thing is, I want them to be my pictures, personal to my blog. I don’t want to get them off another website or something. I want something new and exciting and beautiful...

Oh, but the only problem is... I can’t draw. Or paint. Or really photograph that well.

So I’ve decided to hold a competition.

I would like you to send me as many pictures as you like which can be included in my blogs, whether it be a photograph, sketch, painting, anything that can be scanned! They should be inspired in some way by my blog, on the themes of food, school, bullying, friendship, happiness, reading, writing... or pretty much anything you like! I welcome creativity. Maybe there’s a topic I haven't mentioned that you’d like me to cover? Sending in a piece of art would be a great way to drop me a hint!  

I will feature ALL entries (within reason) here on “Unlucky For Some”, including your first name, age and county, and any info you include about the picture, for example:

“This is a lovely picture of a tree by Kate, 14, from Waterford. She drew it because she loves trees.”

...only of course yours will be much more interesting...

 The winning piece, judged by me along with two other impartial judges, will receive a prize which includes some beautiful handmade decorative cards by Bambi at, as well as some chocolate (a writing staple!) and a pretty notebook. I’ll post a picture of the prize as soon as I’ve put it all together!

The competition is open exclusively to residents of Ireland, but if you’re from somewhere else and fancy sharing your talent on the World Wide Web, I’d be grateful for any contribution. As this is a blog for young people, entrants must be aged between 12-18. 

Simply email me at stating your name and age along with your artwork as the attachment.  It can be a photograph, painting, drawing... anything you want! You could also include a message explaining it. If it happens that you are chosen as the winner, I will email you to ask for your address which will be used to post the prize and deleted immediately afterward. Your personal details will not be seen by anyone except me, Catherine Ann. The judges’ decision will be final and the closing date will be 30th July.  My two assistant judges will not be told who submitted what picture. Does that all sound legal and above board? I hope so. Now, get entering!

Any questions? Comment below! xxx


  1. Excited? Understatement of the year! xx

  2. I love our lives! Not my life. My life alone... meh. But OUR lives, mine+yours+wolf's+phoenix's+crow's+blacksheep's+EVERYONE'S..... that is excitement people. xxx


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