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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Happiness... Spreading the Joy and Something A Bit Clever.

Remember I said that making people happy is a great way of cheering yourself up? Today I’m going to encourage a little joy-spreading and a few warm glows.

But first I just want to share with you something a bit clever I discovered last week. Bambi, Wolf and I, along with a lot of other lovely people, are involved in a Youth Theatre and we put on a showcase which meant two groups got to meet up and perform together (it went swimmingly, thank you for asking). It was there that I met someone else who’s interested in writing (if he features on here again I’ll have to come up with a suitable nickname). Anyway, I’m not one to let a fellow writer slip by unnoticed, so I got in touch and found out he has a blog, too. You can find it at

The blog is basically letters to an imaginary muse named Saul, who helps him with whatever he needs. It’s clever and funny, well worth a read. I’ve found myself nodding along and laughing in what I sncerely hope are all the right places.

The format of Dear Saul is reminiscent of the way I keep a journal: I’ve always found diary-keeping difficult and tedious. I end up discovering a half-filled, forgotten notebook under my bed six months after resolving to keep one. So instead, I decided to write letters to characters from stories I write. That way, I always have someone suitable to talk to and 90% of the time, I know what their response will be. So I encourage you all to write to Saul (his creator won’t mind, I promise) or any character you’ve made up yourself. The beauty of having such a figure in your life is that they already know you inside out—you don’t have to explain yourself to them. All you need to do is write.

Now, on to spreading the joy!

A while ago I decided that I would compliment at least one person every day. I found it really difficult. Not because I didn’t think anyone deserved it, but because I was mostly thinking of being kind to strangers, which is hard. You can’t help but feel embarrassed—what if they think I’m weird! Well I’ve decided that they probably wouldn’t. I mean, think about yourself for a moment. I know that if a stranger complimented me, I wouldn’t think they were weird. I’d be too busy feeling ten feet tall!

You can compliment just about anyone, if you think hard enough...
·         Compliment your friends. Think about it. Do you take your friends for granted sometimes? I know I do. Close friends are often the people we see every day, so much so that they can fade into the background. Take a good look at your best friend. Have they been looking particularly nice lately? Tell them! Or why not take the opportunity to thank them for being such an awesome friend... remember, there’s a reason you spend so much time together!
·         Compliment your family. Your mum does so much for you, so why not start with that? Also, notice the way she looks. You probably never do. Does her skin glow? Are her eyes particularly bright? Tell her! Poor old mum might feel like her days of being beautiful are behind her... they’re not! What about your dad? He probably teaches you a lot without realising. Next time you pester him with a question, mention that he always answers it in a way you’ll understand. Brothers and sisters? I know, I know, but they’re great! You’ll think of something. (Lots of love to any of my family members, far or near, who are reading this).
·         Compliment a stranger. As I mentioned above, it might seem a bit scary at first, but once you’ve taken that step you can reap the rewards that come in the form of brightening up someone’s day. You’re probably always thinking, wow, I like her hair! Or his t-shirt is so cool! Don’t think it, say it!
·         Compliment your teachers. That might seem synonymous with “get bullied”, but try to look at it from poor old teach’s point of view. They enter a room each day to groans from children who actually wished they were ill. How would that make you feel? Why not let them know the difference they make? You don’t have to do it in front of everyone, and if you don’t feel like “sucking up”, you can just ask them a question and thank them for explaining it... this is the reward a teacher wants! If they’re in the habit of explaining things, that is. If they’re not... maybe they don’t deserve a compliment just yet!

I hope you’re all up for trying this out. I’m also still looking for little things which make people happy to add to my list! Why not comment or drop me a line at ? Thanks for reading! 

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