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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Happiness... The Little Things!

Living in a world full of angry adolescents and curriculum-approved poets, both of which seem to hate everything and everyone, I thought that I would choose happiness as my next theme. I’ll be talking about what happiness means to people, how to find it and how we can spread it around. I might even give my own poem a whirl, writing about happy things rather than “problems with society” and other such depressing nonsense we study in school. 

To start with, however, I’ve been thinking about the little things which make me happy:

·         Hugs. Particularly from my mum. I’ve got a theory that the second a baby pops out of someone, they become a certified excellent hugger. I’m not embarrassed to hug my mum in front of my friends, at a bus stop, etc... I just love hugs.
·         Food. Food makes me incredibly happy. I comfort eat a lot. This is probably the beginnings of a serious eating disorder, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.
·         Compliments. The other week, a very pretty girl I barely know said to me, “You’re beautiful!” and it made me feel awesome! I also found out she said the same behind my back, which somehow means a lot more. Wow!
·         Books. Reading something nice and familiar, re-entering a world that I know and love. Harry Potter usually does it.
·         Watching a really sad movie. Yes, this does make me cry, but personally I always feel much, much better after I’ve had a good weep, even if I wasn’t sad in the first place.
·         Music! There are lots of songs that make me happy. Off the top of my head, some are See The Sun by The Kooks (as well as almost all of their songs), Save It For The Bedroom by You Me At Six, She Left Me by Go! Audio, Mardy Bum by the Arctic Monkeys, Red Lipstick by Skint and Demoralised, Sticks ‘N’ Stones by Jamie T and Ribena by Pegasus Bridge. I didn’t mean to write so many just then: they all just kind of slipped out. Perhaps I’ll make a list of them for you one day. Nothing too humungous. Just my top 150 or so.
·         Making someone else happy. Is there a better (smugger) feeling? Looking at the above, a lot of those can be used to spread the joy. E.g. hugging people, cooking for them, paying them compliments...
·         Buttons. I adore buttons. I am in my element trawling through haberdasheries in the hope of finding some unique little gems.

Here’s a very sweet one someone told me: “When I’m in the next room and I can hear my whole family’s voices blending together, it makes me so happy”.

What makes you happy? I’d love for you all to comment or email ( I’ll feature them in another blog post and I’m also hoping to write a HAPPY poem, which would make a nice change from what I’m studying at the moment...

This post’s been short and light for several reasons to do with my wonderfully interesting life, but in the next few days I’ll be talking about obstacles to happiness and how to overcome them... please, er, tune in!


  1. This is brilliant, full of character and colour, that's why I keep coming back XD keep up the good work!

    As for things that make ME especially happy would be chocolate, and/or doing something that makes me feel awesome, like scoring 3-point baskets :D

    PS You're beautiful :)

    1. Thanks so much for the comment, I'm really pleased you're enjoying the blog! I'll make sure to add chocolate and, we'll call it "achievements" to the list! I'm sure you're beautiful, too, and I hope spreading the joy has made you as happy as it makes me!


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