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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Happiness... Finding Your Passion and a Postcript.

Today I want to talk about one of the things I think is very important for happiness: finding your passion. You may have noticed that I really admire people who are passionate, use their passion to their advantage and always do what they love. I’m also trying to be that person myself and so far have reaped many rewards—including this blog!

The other day I emailed a lady to tell her how fab her blog is (you can view it at and to thank her for the useful blogging tips she included. I explained I’ve just started out and am only a teenager. In her reply, she said that I'm very lucky to have begun at such a young age, that I have a lot of wonderful years ahead of me, and she wishes she’d started a blog sooner. So I want to stress how important it is to be passionate in life and to find what you love.

I’ve got lots of friends with various passions, and I highly encourage you to be around people like this, because it’s nothing but good for you and you may absorb some of their attitude. (I’ll be using nicknames which are explained here, in case you’re wondering).

Black Sheep has a passion for filmmaking. He makes vlogs which can be found at We’re also going to be working on a project this summer, making a short film together... one of the many reasons I can’t wait for the summer to begin! His vlogs are one of the reasons I started blogging myself. I thought if he had the courage, I should too!

Anyone who knows Bambi can see how brave she is. Her passion is writing, but she also loves music and art. When I met her I was astonished at how she could just tell people she was writing a novel. I’ve always been a bit shy about my writing. So my two pieces of advice for you, inspired by her, are that you should never hide what you love and it’s OK to have more than one passion. Me, I’ve got several, too! You can find her at her blog,

Another blogger is Crow. He’s passionate about writing, blogs and short stories mostly. He writes a great blog I’ve shared before called Dear Saul ( He used to be a bit shy about his writing, just like me, but I bet he’s a lot happier now he’s come out of his shell. I’m sure the readers of his blog are, too! Neither he nor myself are very much into sport, which brings me onto some more advice: finding your passion means the things you’re not good at, or don’t like, will matter a hell of a lot less. Concentrate on what you love and nothing else will bother you.

The past year or two for me have been about trying new things so I can find out what’s perfect for me. I have always loved baking, something Wolf and I have in common. So we've decided to go for it and start a small—miniscule, in fact—home baking business to sell cupcakes. We’ve been in touch with some scary official people and preparation is well underway to become a proper little business! Yay!

I won’t say any more now, as all the things I love are crowding my brain saying “pick me!” and I think I might be running away with myself a little. So for now, I’ll just say that you all NEED to try new things and discover what you love. Do you already know? Great! Tell the world! Pour your heart and soul into your sport, music, writing, filming, art, cooking, gardening... I honestly don’t mind what you do, as long as you love every minute of it! Why not tell me about your passion in the comments? I’d love to hear!  Alternatively, you could email

Writing this has reminded me what an amazing circle of people I’m part of... that’s something I’ll be forever grateful for, and it makes me very happy indeed!

PS. All I have to say about the tragedy in Boston is that there are some things in this world I will never understand. Of course my thoughts and prayers go out to anyone affected in any way by the horrific bombs. The reason I’m not writing a longer piece about it is that I feel a terrorist’s aim is to make us all stop in our tracks and lose our hope. So I decided if I continue to write about happiness, and if we all continue to be happy as much as we can, then that might really upset the terrorists. That is, if they have the capacity to be upset.  Did you hear about the people who finished the marathon and kept running right to the nearest hospital to donate blood for those who were injured? That’s the kind of thing I’m talking about. More of that, please. 

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