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Sunday, 21 April 2013

About Me!

I wonder how many people read my blog who don’t know me in real life. Probably not many, but if you do, you might like to know a few things about the person who slaves for hours for your entertainment... and if you’re already a friend, you might discover something new! So here are a few fun facts about Catherine Ann Minnock, to bridge the gap between this theme and the next. (I’ve been busy,  leave me alone).

I am incredibly lazy with some things, and incredibly motivated with others. My essays for school are almost always done on time, but I have been known to use the tumble-dryer as my personal laundry basket because I can’t be bothered to sort out my clothes. If I can do something online instead of going out, I will. That’s how I end up owning a lot of clothes which very nearly fit.

I have a Costa Coffee Club card. I have been to Costa Coffee once. That’s when they gave me the card.

You already know that I write stories, but did you know that I have twice seen people who look exactly like my characters? One was just in passing around two years ago, one I actually got to know. Both times, I nearly had a heart attack.

I’m one of those people who knows exactly what I want to do for the next several years, when I probably shouldn’t have such a fixed idea yet. I want to go to university in the UK and study English and History. My brother met his wife at uni... so after that, who knows? I will always write, though. I have to.

Oh, yes, I have three brothers: they are six, ten and twelve years older than me. I’ll probably add them to the “Introducing My Friends” post as soon as I can think of some suitable nicknames for them. When 
I was very small, my youngest brother and I really didn’t get on (he called me smelly, I hit him with a lamp... the usual) and I would wish I had a sister, but now I realise I couldn’t have grown up in a better family. They are the best people you will meet, and I’ve always been treated so well that nowadays if a boy doesn’t hold a door open for me I feel hopelessly confused.

I can’t function without a cup of tea in the mornings. I can take or leave coffee, but I must have my tea. I’m Irish, what can I say?

I read my horoscope every day.

I tend to agree with people or not share my opinion about something just so as not to get into an argument... maybe this is a sign that I’m growing up? However I also don’t tend to say “sorry” or “pardon” if I don’t hear someone. I just say “mm” and smile. So perhaps this is just more laziness...

I remember just about everyone from my past, but they often don’t remember me.

I recently discovered I have little or no control over my own eyebrows. 

I am a huge Harry Potter fan.

I am part of a Youth Theatre group and love acting almost as much as writing. Last year I co-wrote and starred in a site-specific production, and that was just about as heavenly as it gets. There was also cake.

I love cake. 

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  1. Ah, by the way, I seem to be on Google Plus and I'm not sure I fully understand it... if any Wise Owls are reading this, could they explain what it means when people +1 my posts? And any other info I'll need to survive? Love you all.


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