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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Unlucky For Some Features...

Time to introduce some very important people. As some of you know, I don't use my proper name for this blog. For the same reasons, I’ve decided to come up with pseudonyms for my best friends, who I’ll probably be mentioning on Unlucky For Some from time to time. They’re all pretty cool people and if I wanted to stalk anyone, I’d stalk them... therefore their internet safety is of paramount importance. I’m naming them all after animals... I wonder if they’ll be able to spot themselves!

The Friends...

WOLF: In the film Mamma Mia, Julie Walters says the line “I’m a lone wolf, awooooo!” This friend is a huge fan of that line. She is also going to be one half of “Bear and Wolf Productions”, a publication we’re shirking—I mean, working—on. Another reason for the Walters connection is that she happens to be an amazingly talented actress. Wolf is just like a mother to me, she always remembers things and keeps me organised. We also have the same sense of humour and are, naturally, hilarious. We both adore baking, though she’s definitely the more artistic decorator!

PHOENIX: So-called because she has beautiful red hair (which she won’t admit to), just like the flames which surround a Phoenix. I also wanted to call her after a bird as she has a beautiful singing voice. I can tell this girl anything and she’ll understand, or at least have the courtesy to pretend she does. We’ve been friends for a really long time and see each other... a LOT. I bet we often make each other sick but we soon remember how awesome we are as a pair! The kind of friendship which has taken nearly five years to build isn’t going to go away easily. There always seems to be one more thing to tell her, and she’s very patient when I talk... which is a lot.

CROW: Looks after me when (real) crows are around because I’m terrified of them. Part of his name means raven, which is a messenger bird, but he prefers Crow as it's less delicate and he is, after all, a Damn Manly Man. He does in fact send quite a few messages via his blog, as well as writing short stories. Writing buddy, editor, best friend, master of puns, chef extraordinaire... this boy is all those things to me and so much more.

The Family...

My family are the most important people in my life, and as the years have gone on I've realised that it's a rare and lucky thing to have one as close and loving as mine. Every mum, dad, brother... every character to an extent in my writing is based on one if not all members of my family. They've shaped who I am so it's only natural that they shape my work too. 

TIGER: The oldest of my three brothers, he is twelve years older than me and so called simply because tigers are his favourite animal. In our old house, his room was full or tigers in soft toy and picture form. Sometimes I would be allowed to sit in that room and listen to the Red Hot Chilli peppers... none of the usual stuff all the other seven year olds listened to for me! He was my “favourite brother” for a very long time, which was probably mean of me. I think it’s because as the oldest he was used to putting up with the rubbish of younger siblings. Regardless, he’s a brilliant older brother who gives the best hugs and is my hero. 

DUCHESS: Tiger's girlfriend. She adores animals, especially cats, so I've named her after Duchess in the Aristocats. Duchess and Tiger live together with their German Shepherd Lenny and their huge black cat, Bodmin. She's probably the most interesting person I've ever met. She's done a lot in her life, from learning about forensic archaeology to teaching in a secondary school... I wonder which is more scary?!

ELEPHANT: My middle brother is nine years older than me and fond of... yeah, elephants. I’m like the sorting hat, I do tend to take people’s choices into account. Hence Crow’s name... But I digress. Elephant is the smartest person I know, he’s always supportive and kind. He loves history with almost too much of a passion, just like me. He’s the one I’d go to for advice and he always helps me out even when he’s busy. I look up to him and his wife, Panther. He has success written all over him and he works hard to deserve it.

PANTHER: Elephant’s wife and my sister-in-law, the first thing you notice when you see Panther is how incredibly beautiful she is. She’s got shiny black hair, which is why I chose her name, and a lovely smile. She’s just as smart as Elephant (maybe even smarter) and keeps him organised. She’s very brave which is evident in the business she’s founded. She’s loving and caring and I can’t tell you what a relief it is to have this lovely lady taking care of my brother! She will soon become a mum, and I know she’ll make a great one! She’s passionate about food, just like me.

FERRET: In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Mad Eye Moody turns Malfoy into a ferret. Harry Potter is a shared love of Ferret and I, and he also used to remind me of Draco when we were little as he was, well, evil. We were arch enemies throughout the first decade of my life. In his defence, it started when I was three, he was nine, and I hit him in the head with a lamp... I don’t remember this but he still has the scar so I’m assuming it’s true. His nickname for me was “Smelly” which was used so frequently that it more or less lost its impact when I turned ten... just in time for him to leave home and us to start liking each other. That’s life, I suppose. He’s the hilarious one, incredibly smart in his own way, and he gets up to the most outrageous antics which I suppose I hear severely censored versions of.

So that’s my family. I also have a mum and dad who I live with and love very dearly, but I think I’ll just call them mum and dad... nature’s nicknames! 

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